Wouldn’t it be great to say...
that you were a contributor to one of the biggest movements in the Hampton Roads area??

Look no further. Be recognized as a contributor to The VAdio Show and become an asset to our success!

The VAdio show is nothing like the typical talk show. Yes, there are good shows out there but this show is different. It focuses on the community. This show was designed to motivate, uplift, and push progress and positivity in our community.

Entertainment has programmed the masses that nonsense and negativity is cool and worth airtime. Well, we are here to reprogram and reinstate our pride in “self” and get back to being the best we can be as a community. Our success is in your hands. Change and progress starts from within, and the possibilities are endless when we are all unified!

Please help us in our movement by donating! Thank you!

“Be the change you want to see in the world” –Mahatma Gandhi