Kelly’s Choice 2nd Annual Caretaker Awards

Published on Dec 05, 2015 by VADIO

The VAdio Show had the pleasure of covering yet another community uplifting event! “THE KELLY’S CHOICE CARE GIVERS AWARD CEREMONY!” In a world full of the self absorbed, and the I have issues of my own mentality, there are a large number of people who remain selfless. Care givers put their time, effort, and life on hold to take care of those who aren’t able to take care of themselves. Disabled, Elderly, or Sick Care Givers make sure these people have an enjoyable life. They are a true example of love/sacrifice and for this they deserve to be celebrated. Take the time to see some footage of this awesome event. Much love to the CEO of Kelly’s Choice, Edwina Wilson for her heart and for putting this event together.

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