Choose You This Day Part 2

Published on Oct 22, 2016 by VADIO

The VAdio Show proudly presents “CHOOSE YOU THIS DAY” Pt. 2

The funny thing about decisions is with everyone made a seed is planted. Some take longer than others to grow but we always reap what we sow. Our past history is filled with seeds of hate, abuse, death, and injustice that have grown into a dark forest of chaos. Many have a hard time remembering how we got here but if you look back far enough then it becomes clear…

Moral of this story…You’re always free to choose but never free from the consequences of your choices. No matter who you are or what decision you make; may it be good or evil, it not only effects you…it effects us all.  

The newest addition to our thought provoking short film series that gives a fresh perspective on how important our decisions truly are. Each film is connected to the next so if you haven’t had a chance to see part one click here to get up to speed…

Due to scenes of a graphic nature, Viewer Discretion is advised…but there is a lesson for all ages to learn #visualactivist #mentalwarfare 

***Please share and spread the word so we can continue to push progress in our communities***

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