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Published on Nov 02, 2014 by VADIO

DREAM CATCHER- The Daughters of Life


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Dr. Charlene Winley (Founder and President of DOLS)
Denise Britt (Founder of DOLS)
*Not Pictured Janice Dildy (Vice President and Founder of DOLS)
The Daughters of Life Corporation started four years ago when Denise, Charlene and another friend decided they wanted to help families & other individuals in crisis. Every month they collected $50 from each person to total $150 and gave it to someone in need. One of the first acts of kindness was for a single mother of 3 in need, which triggered for others support. 30 women showed up to their initial meeting. 16 of those women believed enough in the vision and they started the Daughters of Life Foundation. Those who are in need can simply go to their website and register. They are accepting help in all areas from the community to continue their efforts of assisting. Each woman involved brings a unique story and benefit to Daughters of Life and it wouldn’t be a success without them. From sharing their testimony to encourage and motivate the people they encounter. Charlene, the 15th oldest of 16 children and also the daughter of a pastor, grew up in a New York home where they always had room for someone in need. She is also a victim of child molestation and has found healing in talking to other women about self esteem and loving themselves. The goal is for them to look at themselves as someone who can overcome and triumph in anything. The Daughters of Life held a luncheon on October 25, 14 at The New Life Providence Church, in which 100% of the donations & proceeds went to the families and individuals in crisis. Daughter of Life you are truly “Dream Catchers”.

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