Hometown Hero

Published on Jan 19, 2016 by VADIO

We get real excited about celebrities but tend to take our home grown talent for granted. Missing the fact that if we get behind them they’d have a better chance of becoming the same or better than those of fame we already see. It can and has been done! When that home grown talent breaks out of the label of local and becomes a success for not only them but the city they came from. What makes those people even greater is when they cone back home and take the time to give back. We here at the VAdio Show like to call those people Hometown Heroes. One of many from this area is Mr. Michael LeMelle. He is an American actor, producer, singer, composer, film maker, voice talent and entertainment entrepreneur. He’s done many works of his own and was part of many others. Gracing the screen with the likes of Actors such as Tom Hanks, this man still takes the time to work with actors in our area. If inspiration is what you need tune in and hear his story.