Johnny Mayo-Dream Catcher

Published on Aug 02, 2014 by VADIO

Johnny Mayo Dream Catcher The VAdio Show

Born & raised in Norfolk, VA & is currently a retail manager of Upscale Men’s Clothing. After being married for 18 years, he lost his wife to a car accident in 2001. This was devastating & it took a severe toll on his life. Resulting in drug & alcohol use & a 9 year crack cocaine addiction, which lead him to losing everything & being on the streets homeless for 2 years. Even with all of his trials & tribulations he never lost sight of God. While in a shelter he re dedicated his life to God and counseled others in the discipleship program. In looking for employment so that he could once again be on his own, he decided it had to be something he loved & that was retail. Having a gift to dress & help others brings him the ultimate joy to honor God. He’s 5 years sober and living his passion. Johnny Mayo you are truly a “Dream Catcher”.

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  • Victor Bennett

    I enjoyed watchimg and listening to your inspirational journey. You have truly inspired me. Take care my friend.