Kristine Caalim-Dream Catcher

Published on Jan 19, 2015 by VADIO

A young married mother of two, this Virginia native never imagined what laid ahead for her family. When her son Ezekiel was 6 months old she and her husband realized he had some medical issues that needed attention. For months he had been breaking out in rashes during his meals. He was tested for food allergies and every test came back positive. After taking him to Dermatologist and other specialists, a family member who’s also a doctor suggested an alternative. She contacted John Hopkins in Baltimore & called 3 times a day. A week before Christmas they got their first Dermatology appointment. After seeing the doctors seen the severity of his conditions they asked to run test & so they spent Christmas in the hospital. Ezekiel was severely malnourished & weighted 19 pounds upon arriving at John Hopkins and is now walking at 32 pounds thanks to his treatments. Unfortunately, there’s no cure for his condition and the feeding tube food formula is very costly. Although she has help maintaining what he needs, Kristine decided to partner up with other families in the communities and they became the 170 Members of the RDLA. These patient advocates went to DC and voiced their cost concerns to the Congress and Senate. She learned that you can love a person & support them regardless of if you share the same DNA as long as it’s from the heart. We are responsible for being a part of our community. She acknowledges that having God in your life any things possible. Kristine you are truly a Dream Catcher.