LOVE IS? Part 2 Marriage

Published on Feb 12, 2017 by VADIO

If you were to judge marriage by what is shown on prime time television, “happily ever after” is just another myth. From sitcoms that portray the marriage bed like a game of musical chairs, to films about couples staying together for convenience and not for the love as God intended—the outlook seems gloomy indeed. But is that reality? We here at the VAdio show don’t think so. Divorce being at an all time high as the resolution to marital issues is a real thing but there are plenty who truly enjoy their marriage and fight to keep the love strong. We thought it was about time we sat down with some married couples to see how they hold things together so well. Our host Trevor Lucas also reveals a past skeleton in his relationship closet to help those dealing with the issue of trust and remaining faithful. As always this is a must see! So pull up a chair and listen to a lesson of Love in our newest episode called “LOVE IS…?” Part 2 Marriage. 

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