Self Destruction Episode 14 Season 2

Published on Mar 24, 2015 by VADIO

The VAdio Show’s Episode 14 “Self Destruction vs Self Construction” With our guests Rahiem Robinson (Gang prevention specialist and Teen Director at The Rosemont Boys and Girls Club) and Vernita Lucas Baldwin (Hampton Police Chaplin and Minister). Hate, violence, and injustice plagues our nation. So much so many feel that our future looks grim. There’s a trend of destructive lifestyles among many. These days it seems to not only be getting worse but now our children are participating at an alarming rate. Every murderer, crooked cop, drug dealer, or criminal of any kind was once an innocent child who were misguided, miseducated, or left to figure things out on their own. Seems as if we’ve allowed the negative forces of the world to walk in freely to take from us the most precious gift that any community and culture could ever have…our YOUTH! It’s time to teach our future (our children) what’s their true worth and purpose before it’s too late. We also have some footage from a recent forum we were blessed to be a part of at the Rosemont Boys and Girls Club called “Handle Your Biz” where we were able to get some input from a few teens and give some valuable insight on major issues they face. Tune in and tell a friend! and as always. Big thanks to panelists Bink (Grammy Winning Producer), No Malice (Formally Malice of Award winning hiphop group The Clipse), Ron Villanueva (Delegate for Virginia Beach 21st District), Hannon Lane (Timberland Protigue Producer for Modonna Rihanna etc), Juanita Wynn (Song Writer/Former Quincy Jones Publishing), Kimmie Bair (Former G Unit intern), Batman (Promoter and Def Jam Label Rep), M$ Blendz (Industry/Radio Maven), Antwan “Dj Twan G” Gibson (DJ/New York Life Associate)..**Please share and spread the word so we can continue to push progress in our communities***

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