The VAdio Show Sponsors Dinner

Published on Jun 30, 2015 by VADIO

If you know Team VAdio, you know we’ve worked extremely hard over the past year but we didn’t do it alone. We’ve pulled together with some awesome people to make a good thing great! This is what community is all about. So in honor of the progress made it’s only right to celebrate our accomplishments with the people who helped make it happen. Last week we had our 1st Annual Sponsors Dinner and it was a huge blessing to be in the room. Thank’s so much to WeCare Transport for Kids, Platforms “A Shoe Experience”, LLC, Quality Hands & Hearts Home Care, Whereblackbiz, Abu Unity Foundation, and Hampton Roads Transit for your sponsorship. Our work in the community wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for your support and for this you are greatly appreciated. Thanks to Elegant Occasions by Krista, LLC for the good food and setting the mood with the decorations. Can’t forget Details on Granby for all your hospitality and thanks to Dexter D. Cohen Iei for capturing the moment. Much Love and Respect to you all! Check out some footage from this awesome evening and take note of the love and unity shown. This is what progress looks like! ‪#‎celebratingeachother‬ ‪#‎wedobettertogether‬ ‪#‎unityinthecommunity‬

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