Thou Shall Not Steal

Published on Apr 30, 2017 by VADIO

n. the crime of sexual acts with children up to the age of 18, including touching of private parts, exposure of genitalia, taking of pornographic pictures, rape, inducement of sexual acts with the molester or with other children, and variations of these acts by pedophiles. Molestation also applies to incest by a relative with a minor family member, and any unwanted sexual acts with adults short of rape. (See:pedophilia, rape)

Child molestation occurs almost every second of every day, yet it is far too underreported by both children and adults alike. This is a taboo subject that many experience and many tend to hide in shame which causes development issues in our youth, relationship issues in adults that have been molested as children, and in some cases creates habits of pedophilia in victims who continue to pass on the curse. With the close of April; Sexual assault awareness month, We here at the VAdio Show found it extremely important to deal with this issue head on to help our communities know exactly what molestation is and its warning signs, to better protect our children and break the silence. In this episode about stolen innocence we named “Thou Shall Not Steal”; We spoke to two victims of molestation to better understand its on going effects and in a new segment we’ve titled “The Wake Up Call” we had a candid conversation with a convicted sex offender about why he did it and what to look for in those friends and family members who are unsuspected child molesters. This is a very hot button topic and wed love to jear from you if you or anyone you know have been molested to help others who suffer in silence. Please share and spread the word to help us not only push progress in our communities but to protect our prize possession ls; our children.

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